Global Payments Restaurant

Global Payments Cloud POS

The Cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution to handle your whole business. Inventory, timesheets, reporting, and more—all in one place, all under control. Behind the counter, on the floor, or on the go. Our terminals are flexible, portable, and powerful solutions with “do-business-anywhere” connectivity. Available out of the box or integrate to your existing point of sale system.

Tableside Ordering

The time consuming process of writing down an order and walking to a POS Station to enter it becomes obsolete when servers are equipped with the Global POS Tablet software on an iPad Mini.

50 customers who purchase an extra drink at $5 will increase revenue over $250 daily. Multiply that $250 by 30 days and its well over $7500.00 in increased revenue per month.

Online Ordering

A Fully integrated solution that allows you to take your business wherever your customers are, while accepting orders directly on your POS system.

Online ordering will increase your revenue for Takeout and Delivery. It’s proven that ordering online will allow customers to take their time, browse the menu and order more items when not feeling rushed over the phone will allow the average check to increase. Example, if you have an average check of $18 and you receive 20 orders per day, it provides extra revenue of over $10,000 monthly and $120,000 annually.

Traditional & E-Gift Cards

A gift card program is no longer a luxury for merchants, but a necessity to remain competitive. Set your brand apart with customized traditional or e-gift cards. Personalize our standard merchant cards with pre-printed designs or create custom cards.

Loyalty / Guest App

The Guest app allows you to scan a code on your guest receipt to earn loyalty points. All your points are managed in the app and automatically converted to rewards when spending levels are achieved. The more points you have the higher your reward level and the better your reward values. Customize the loyalty program with your own branding and generate incremental sales by getting guests in the door and converting them into loyal customers.

Self-ordering Kiosk Solutions

With Global POS you can enjoy all the benefits of Kiosk ordering. Speed up ordering, upsell customers, and free up staff times.

  • Increase sales by 20%
  • Reduce Theft by 90%
  • Reduce Payroll by 2,000 per month
  • Reduce Wait times by 5 minutes

Kitchen Video

Take Advantage of Global Payments Restaurants Kitchen Display system. All orders are clear and concise, with special indicators to display Rush Orders, Promised Times for Future Orders, Seat Numbers, and Voided Orders, including order destinations such as Dining Room, Patio, Walk-In To-Go, Call-Ahead To-Go, Delivery, and Online Orders.
Global Payments give your customers the options they need, with over 140 payment types across every channel. Online or on the phone. In person or in app. And wherever payments go next.

QR Code Ordering/Payment

Boost the amount of orders that are placed when guests can scan the QR code and pay online in less than 10 seconds with table ordering.


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