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software and hardware again?

As your trusted solution partner, our team is ready to guide you through the process in choosing the correct solution for your business. We are a company that provides you with a POS system, including Credit Card processing to give you an all-in-one approach.  Bottom line… we are going to offer you multiple solutions to choose from with 24/365/7 support. Choose the HASA Solution (including credit and debit processing) and receive our feature-rich Restaurant Manager software for FREE and Hardware at NO upfront cost.

We not only provide the software, we include other services to support your business:

  • Hardware Warranty
  • Credit Card machines
  • All support 24/7 via phone and/or internet
  • Menu programming and updates
  • Free Software upgrades
  • RM Monitor subscription (iPhone/Blackberry/Android)
  • Auto email reporting
  • Remote assistance subscription
  • Anti-virus subscription
  • Wireless support – iPad/pay-at-the-table
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Mayhem Restore Service


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