Restaurant Manager

Quick Service

POS System

Restaurant Manager Quick Service POS gives you the tools to efficiently service customers while at the same time sending accurate information to the food prep staff.

Focus on the Customer

Not The Computer.

Restaurant Manager’s Quick Service POS System helps increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve efficiencies. In addition, our QSR point of sale reporting package provides real-time sales statistics, server sales and a host of other sales related data, allowing you to spend more time running your business.

Quick Service POS System Features to

Improve Operations

Digital Signage

Display menus and daily specials to promote high margin items, events, and more

Customer Loyalty

Increase revenues and generate more repeat business. Combine loyalty programs with powerful promotion and coupon capabilities to target specific customers.

Management Reporting

Get information on voids or deletions and automate the end of day (EOD) process while accessing your reports from anywhere via an internet browser.

Advance Orders

Have pick up or delivery orders ready when the customer is.

Price Scheduling

Easily calculate the right price for combo meals

Customer Displays

Increase average checks by using customer displays to offer add-ons to customers.

Let Customers Place Their Own Orders

RM Kiosk is fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager Quick Service POS system making it easy to use and manage. Seamlessly alert runners, servers, bartenders and the kitchen when a customer places an order, ensuring orders are managed and guests are served promptly.

Speed Service

Allow guests to view your menu, select items, and place their order themselves.

Increase Average Checks

Enticing pictures, descriptions, and prompts encourage guests to order more.


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