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The Pizza POS System from Restaurant Manager lets you quickly serve customers, manage special orders, send accurate orders to the kitchen and hurry orders out the door for speedy delivery.

Pizza That Is

Prepared Right

The First Time

Whether employees are manning the phones, working the counter, preparing orders or expediting delivery, they need an intuitive pizza delivery POS system tailored to prompt them through their specific job tasks quickly, easily and accurately. Restaurant Manager’s Pizza POS System provides restaurant owners with management controls and information regarding menu mix, inventory, sales, time and attendance, payments, and marketing options.

Pizza POS Features to Improve Operations

On Screen Ordering

One intuitive screen handles it all – from size, crust, toppings to specialty and combo orders

Smart Reporting

Robust reporting package provides real-time sales metrics, delivery sales and a host of other sales-related data, allowing you to spend more time running your business.

Print/Display for Food Prep

Make fewer kitchen errors and improve customer satisfaction with features such as “updated item” banner alerts and displaying the quantity for modifiers.

Order Tracking

Instantly identifies all orders that aren’t prepared and out the door within a specific amount of time.

Advance Ordering

Store an order and automatically send it to the food prep area to guarantee timely delivery.

Inventory Control

Create receipts that link to inventory items to menu items; track exact item quantity sold by customer count or by day.


A combination of state-of-the-art hardware with a simple and intuitive Pizza POS software, Restaurant Manager’s SkyTab solution provides a guest facing pay-at-the-table (PATT) experience for your pizzaeria. From PATT to tableside reordering to customer engagement, SkyTab provides the tools you need to boost your bottom line and make your Pizza customers happy.

Direct from the Web to Your Kitchen

Restaurant Manager’s Pizza POS System features fully integrated online ordering, which lets customers easily place orders via desktop or a mobile device.

Reduce Order Errors

Eliminate ordering errors due to miscommunication reducing both waste and cost.

Boost the Average Ticket

Online orders can be 15-20% higher than typical phone orders!


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