Tableside Ordering


Mobilize Your wait staff and increase table turnover, customer satisfaction and your bottom line

Mobilize Your Wait Staff and

Improve the ordering process with Tableside Ordering

The time consuming process of writing down an order and walking to a POS Station to enter it becomes obsolete when servers are equipped with the RM Tablet on an iPad or iPad Mini. Allow servers to take orders and process payments on the RM Tablet, and watch how efficiently they can work to boost your bottom line.
  • Easy User Interface: Take advantage of the larger tablet screen display with detailed item descriptions, hi-res images, and a keyword search function. Also provides easy access to real-time alerts.
  • Faster Service: Designed specifically for table service restaurants, RM Tablet increases service speed and accuracy with mobile order entry and tableside payments with credit cards.
  • Increased Table Turns: When orders are taken and served more quickly, the customer spends less time at the table and payments can be processed right at the tableside adding to the server’s efficiency.
  • Less Training Time: With an easy and familiar UI, servers can operate the RM Tablet with very little training time needed.
  • Multiple Device Options: Compatible with iPad, iPad mini, and multiple MSRs along with easy integration to other Restaurant Manager mobility solutions such as RM Monitor.


RM Tablet is fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS system making it easy to use and manage. Whether you serve customers in a full service restaurant, bar, nightclub, or in a mobile food truck, RM Tablet can increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


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