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Sell products in-store and online, track inventory, communicate with customers, and automate purchasing from our all-in-one system

The hardware retailer can benefit from AHTPOS Retail because it can assist in the management of a wide range of inventory while also facilitating custom service and design. It does more for hardware stores than just checking out customers. With the long list of inventory, ranging from tools to paints and cleaning products to electrical supplies, only AHTPOS Retail can effectively accommodate to the retailer’s need for real-time inventory, accurate maintenance of sales records, and multiple vendor management. Also, it is key to track customers past purchases and contact information to send out targeted campaigns.

AHTPOS Retail includes features essential to the hardware store retailer: efficient POS checkout, automated inventory control, built-in loyalty program, and even eCommerce capabilities. Whether it be a single small store retailer or a retailer with multiple stores over multiple states, AHTPOS Retail provides the necessary tools to boost the business of your hardware store.

AHTPOS Retail features beneficial to the Home Decor Retailers:

  • Quick and efficient checkout
  • Ability to offer a full layaway program
  • Effective control of inventory, reducing stock discrepancies and stock outs, while tracking inventory movement
  • Fully integrated customer loyalty program, helping retailers know who their customers are; gift certificates, store credit, frequent shopper promotions
  • Automated purchasing calculates stock levels and creates PO’s for inventory
  • eCommerce allows retailers to upload inventory and prices to online store, while downloading online orders straight to the POS system
  • Retain full sales history and view automated reports and accompanied analyses


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