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Elevate the guest experience with the brilliant new LRS Guest Pager. The trusted guest pager, completely reimagined, gives you more control.

You understand the importance of communicating with guests simply and efficiently. LRS guest pagers give you a non-obtrusive, discreet alternative for notifying customers when they’re needed. Traditional paging systems are simple to operate, deliver messages instantly, and customers immediately understand how to respond once notified. And for those looking for a more robust communications solution, LRS paging system APIs make it easy to integrate into other business applications.


Cater to diner’s needs. Reassure guests you’re attending to them with LRS guest pagers and management systems.


Give patients, family and visitors peace of mind that they’ll receive the care they need with an LRS patient paging system.

LRS Guest Paging System

Tried an true, the LRS Guest Paging Kit has been the trusted paging solution for the last 20+ years and is our most popular paging system. Traditionally thought of as the original restaurant pager, the LRS Guest Paging Kit is now used by a diverse group of businesses with guest paging needs.

This kit includes the 9560MT transmitter, Guest pagers, charging base(s).

Guest Management System

Simplify the restaurant wait list process with On Cue for Restaurants and an integrated LRS paging system. LRS’ free iPad wait list application, On Cue, is easy-to-use and equipped with fast guest entry, multiple options for notifying waiting guests, and a table management feature. When integrated with LRS guest pagers, guests can choose to be notified by either text message by an LRS restaurant pager.

This kit includes a full guest paging system and the free On Cue for Restaurants iPad application (includes 25 free text messages).

Guest Pager Pro

Raise your standard. Elevate your guest experience with the brilliantly new LRS Guest Pager.

The cleaner design is more durable, sleek, and reliable. Your customers will love the bold new look.

The device that uniquely acknowledges and confirms when a page is delivered, giving you the assurance needed to run a smarter business.

You have the power to program it yourself. Set pager numbers on the fly, and integrate it with crucial operational solutions.

Light up your creativity with multi-colored LED lights. Coupled with your brand, you can truly make this pager your own.


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