Point of Sale

Sell products in-store and online, track inventory, communicate with customers, and automate purchasing.

Our retail POS solution features functionality designed specifically for the footwear industry including support for items with three dimensions.

Profitable Business

As a retailer, your goals are to drive sales, control operating costs and most importantly, run a profitable business. Only Radiant Systems offers the footwear industry a complete technology solution with AHTPOS Retail retail software, hardware built specifically for the retail environment, integrated ecommerce, and local partners dedicated to providing excellent on-going support.

AHTPOS Retail real-time software is easy to implement and delivers a complete retail management solution that includes robust inventory management, touchscreen point of sale (POS) ticket entry, built-in customer loyalty tracking, automated purchasing and reporting that leverages the power of Microsoft SQL® Server®—the industry standard for speed, stability, data integrity, and scalability. Partner with the industry’s fastest growing provider of retail technology and see how AHTPOS Retail will take your store operations to the next level.

Footwear POS System


Expand Your Horizons

AHTPOS Retail is ideal for footwear retailers of all sizes and will grow with your business. From single-site to multi-site, AHTPOS Retail delivers consistent performance across your entire organization.

Simplify Your Life

Only Radiant Systems offers businesses a complete retail solution. Everything you need to automate your business is produced from one company.

Boost Your Bottom Line

The ability to track your inventory, manage your vendors and sell your goods online will increase your profitability.

Make Profitable Decisions

AHTPOS Retail allows you to get to the heart of your data, allowing you to view it, export it, and manipulate it to fit your specific needs.

Accelerate Your Business

Streamlined point of sale means faster tickets with minimal errors. On-the-fly data entry lets you add records from anywhere in AHTPOS Retail, and data driven lookups help you find those records in a flash.


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