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Rocket Fuel for Your Business

Shift4Shop offers a FREE all-in-one eCommerce solution so you can build and grow your online store while eliminating all your platform, hosting, and premium fees.

Shift4Shop’s powerful features help increase profits and brand recognition for your business.


Order Management

With an organized dashboard and detailed sales and profit reports, you can get orders fulfilled quickly while keeping perfect records.


Payment Acceptance

Our integration with Shift4 allows you to instantly accept credit cards (and other payment methods) the moment you launch, with additional integrations to expand your customers’ options.


Inventory Management

Keep accurate counts across online and offline sales, receive notifications when stock drops below a certain level, and generate purchase orders to send to suppliers.


Customer Relationship Tools

Built-in CRM and RMA systems to control and streamline your support processes, including multiple options for how you accept returns.


Products and Categories

Your category structure can be as detailed as you need, with subcategories for easy browsing and room for unlimited products in your store.


SEO and Marketing

Cutting-edge SEO and marketing tools help you outrank competitors, with value-added features like upselling, cross-selling, related products, and much more.

The Competition Can’t Compete

Shift4Shop has reimagined the eCommerce pricing model. While our competitors charge up to $299 or more per month to host your online store, you can set up a full-featured store with Shift4Shop AT NO CHARGE when you use our payment processing!

This isn’t just a free trial or an entry-level account – this is a premium account without the premium price.


The Other Shop

Platform Fee

$0 for an enterprise-grade plan with unlimited products, users, features, and bandwidth

$29 – $299/month for standard plans
$2,000+/month for enterprise plans

Included Features

More built-in features than any other eCommerce platform — all included at no additional charge

Lacks numerous features, including stackable promotions and one-page checkout

Many crucial features require more expensive plans, like real-time shipping

Many features require third-party apps with additional cost

Free Themes

100+ professionally designed templates, with more being added every day

Less than 10

Platform Fee

We’ll migrate your current eCommerce website for free

Requires third-party assistance at a cost of $1,000+

Why Shift4Shop?


It’s completely FREE when you use our payment processing service


No coding knowledge needed to build and launch your eCommerce website


No need to seek out web hosting, handle PCI
compliance yourself, or hire developers


Frequent software updates with new features to keep you competitive


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