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Duet Pos System

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Duet POS system delivers a high quality point-of-sale solution that is unmatched in both reliability and functionality.

Employee Management

Access a complete employee database, showing specific details on each staff member. Track hours worked, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, evaluate sales performance and manage security levels.

Customer Database

Duet POS System helps you quickly view customers’ order history and personal information. Great for loyalty programs or for serving the “regular.”

Menu Customization

Add, edit or remove menu items in real-time with a simple and intuitive interface. Organize your menu items, categories, choice sets and modifiers to suit your restaurant.

See Duet POS System in Action

Host Mode

Easily manage available tables, notify guests when their table is ready, and create tickets.

Host Mode

Easily manage available tables, notify guests when their table is ready, and create tickets.

Host Mode

Easily manage available tables, notify guests when their table is ready, and create tickets.

Local sales, service and support

We partner with a channel of highly skilled Value-Added Resellers who provide the consulting and technical services that restaurants rely on to realize the full benefit of their Duet POS System investment:

  • Located locally to your restaurant
  • Trusted advisors for choosing the best technology for your restaurant
  • Offer service plans that allow you to do what you do best, running a restaurant

Streamlined Operations

Efficient Ordering

Easily manage the most complicated orders, whether you need to transfer tickets to other users, change tables, split checks, add discounts, update gratuity and taxes, or handle various other tasks.

Flexible Discounting

Easily set up and customize coupons, specials or other discounts. Discounts can be manually entered or can be automatically calculated based on day, time or items ordered.

Table Tracking

With Duet POS you can manage your tables to see which are occupied, which are vacant and how many people are at each table.

Access reports & manage your Duet POS System remotely

  • Duet’s powerful Lighthouse™ platform allows you to have remote access to your POS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • View reports online, make changes to your menu remotely and manage your employees from anywhere
  • Build your online presence and increase customer loyalty with social media management, online reputation management and customer engagement tools

Hybrid cloud technology keeps your business running smoothly

  • Duet POS provides the benefits of the cloud such as real-time reporting and redundant back-up
  • Maintains the advantages of a local system including faster speed and the ability to operate if the Internet goes down
  • Take orders from customers directly from the table via a tablet for top efficiency

Innovative Restaurant Solutions

Tableside Ordering

Duet enables restaurant servers to input customer orders directly from the table via an Android tablet for a dramatic increase in efficiency.

Online Ordering

Accept orders through your website with a customized and branded menu that integrates seamlessly with your POS system.

Online Reservations

Accept reservations online and manage everything directly through your Duet POS system via an Android tablet.


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