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Liquor / Draft Control
Controlled portions give consistent drinks. Reduce spillage and over pouring. Eliminate give-aways and theft.

Liquor/Draft Control

AHT, along with Berg Company™, LLC continues to be the leader in liquor dispensers, beer equipment and beverage dispensing systems for the hospitality industry for over 30 years. This has been in part due to sales and support by our vast dealer network. Berg Company™ provides a wide variety of products to help reduce pouring costs.

In most cases, Berg systems can pay for itself in six to twelve months.


thumb liquor laserPortion Control

  • Controlled portions gives consistent drinks
  • Reduces spillage and over pouring
  • Free pour and shot glass are often over poured. Why do you think they call it "free" pour?


  • Eliminates give-aways and theft
  • Records all drinks poured
  • Prevent unauthorized pouring after bar is closed


  • Best way to increase profits is to control costs. Check out how much you may be losing.
  • Even a 1/4 oz overpour on a one ounce shot has increased your costs by 25%
  • Tens of thousands of dollars are spent for equipment to dispense gasoline, as gasoline prices rise. Yet, liquor costs are often over $100 a gallon and are often dispensed with cheap plastic pourers.
  • Quick pouring increases efficiency of your workers.
  • Consistent drinks and more pours means better tips for your employees.
  • Dramatically cut liquor purchases.


  • Consistent pouring means better tracking of a customer's alcohol intake and reducing drunk driving.
  • Decrease Liability insurance premiums
  • Provides stronger defence if ever sued for negligence

Berg Liquor Loss Calculator

Why AHT and Berg?

The Industry Leader

Berg Company™ continues to be the leader in liquor dispensers, beer equipment and beverage dispensing systems for the hospitality industry and has been for over 30 years. Berg Company™ is the oldest and most respected liquor control system.


Sales and support is provided by our vast dealer network.Over 80 dealers worldwide have been certified to sell, lease and service Berg products.For over 30 years, Berg Company™ and its employees have been dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services available.In addition to the Berg Company™ Headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, three strategically located regional offices in North America and a European office support the worldwide dealer network.

Patron Satisfaction

The same drink is dispensed no matter who pours.All-Bottle systems still let the customer see the bottle being poured.Faster pouring means more customers get what they want.Using Laser rack system means that you won't run out of popular brands.

allbottle 704Accountability

Berg equipment records volume, count and sales values of all drinks poured. Check out how much you may belosing.A full range of management reports is available to ensure sales are accounted for. Berg equipment therefore discourages and reduces theft.


Pour cost is a good indicator of profit or loss. Infinity software automatically calculates Pouring Cost on a per brand basis.There are many types of reports available to track your bar business.

Quick Pay-Back

Cost reductions quickly total the cost of the equipment.In most cases, Berg systems can pay for itself in six to twelve months.

Special Features

berg-diagramBerg equipment works in conjunction with many POS systems. It is possible to interface directly to a Point of Sales system and automatically ring up drinks.Cocktails can be pre-programmed to pour from a single dispenser.Separate price levels and sizes can be entered.Infinity software can automatically switch between price levels, turn equipment on or off and run reports at desired times and days.Compact equipment - Fits any bar areaCan handle liquor, wine, beer, mixes, juice and many other liquids.

Used in wide range of applications and establishments: casinos, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alleys, neighborhood bars, pool halls, riverboats, stadiums, sports arenas.

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