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Table Service Point of Sale
Save servers time while meeting customer needs. Turn more tables and lower wait times. Decrease costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue

Table Service POS

Give your customers a reason to return

iiiPOS Hospitality Solutions provide the table service POS features and flexibility needed to help your establishment realize tremendous benefits. No matter the type of service you provide, from fine and casual dining to bar service and take-out, iiiPOS Hospitality Solutions can help decrease costs, improve efficiencies and increase revenue.

  • Save servers time while meeting customer needs with easy check and item splitting.
  • Draw in more customers more frequently with powerful promotion and coupon capabilities.
  • Turn more tables and lower wait times by clearing tables as soon as customers leave but before the server has finalized payment with Send to Tabs functionality.
  • Improve morale and target high-margin items for additional sales with Employee Contests.
  • Grow your orders and raise the average check with fully integrated¬†Online Ordering.
  • Instantly add an item from any POS workstation allowing for more accurate reporting and better insight to which specials to repeat with on-the-fly modifiers.
  • Cut costs with a variety of real-time alerts. Control overtime for example with alerts on employee hours worked.

Handheld POS Solutions

iiiPOS contains optional pay at the table functionality and mobility solutions can enable servers to place orders more quickly and accurately, turn more tables and provide managers with access to important operational information via cell phone, email or PDA. 


Table Management

Efficient table management is so crucial to the success of dining operations. That's why every iiiPOS includes table management functionality. That capability can be complimented with an optional reservations module to create a total solution for managing service, waiting lists and reservations.

Management Reporting

Extensive reporting and back office capabilities provide you with the information you need to reduce costs and increase profits at your table service establishment. Get information on voids, staff productivity, which menu items are performing well and a wide variety of other important operational information. You can even automate the end of day (EOD) process and access your reports from anywhere via an Internet browser or utilizing our mobility products and services.


Inventory Control

Eliminate theft and waste while understanding you consumption patterns with a powerful and robust Inventory Control module. You can also choose to use our Stock Counter functionality, which is a simple and straightforward way to track specific menu and bar items without implementing full-blown inventory control.

List of Top Features:

Back Office Reporting
Robust reporting helps you make better business decisions

Table Management
Manage wait lists and seat guests as soon as tables are cleared

Credit Card Processing
Talk to an iiiPOS Hospitality Solutions representative for the most cost effective credit card processing options

Split Check
Streamlined split check makes it easy to accommodate customers

Inventory Management
Choose full inventory or easy to manage stock counters

Create compelling promotions to bring in more guests and improve food & labor costs

Gift Cards
Choose from RM, Mercury, or Givex gift cards


Price Scheduling
Run happy hour promotions or offer lunch specials with no hassle

Mobile alerts
Get real time alerts at home, in the back office, or on your smart phone with the iiiPOS Monitor remote management app

iPad POS
Allow guests to view your menu, select items, and place their order themselves with the iiiPOS Kiosk iPad POS app

Handheld ordering
Allow your servers to process twice the orders in half the time with our POS system for the iPod touch

Customer relationship management and email clubs
Promote your business to generate more traffic

Employee scheduling
An iiiPOS Hospitality Solution can be used with Hot Schedules or a variety of employee scheduling options


Frequent Diner programs
Keep customers coming back with an appealing and easy to manage customer loyalty program

Age Verification
Protect your customers and staff when serving liquor

Kitchen Display Systems
Streamline your kitchen with a digital display of orders

QuickBooks interface
Integrate your POS to your accounting system

SQL Cloud Reporting
Centralize the management of multiple locations

Digital Signage
Display menus, daily specials, and multi-media marketing messages to promote high margin items, events, and more

Hot Schedules Interface
Integrate your POS to this powerful employee management and scheduling tool

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